ways to get Natural rid of dark eye bags

ways to get Natural  rid of dark eye bags
ways to get Natural  rid of dark eye bags

Eye bags are dark circles on eyes or commonly called the eyes of a panda. These eye bags cause the face to look dull and tired. These eye bags are usually caused by the body being not fit, lack of sleep or staying asleep, or even most sleep, often working too long in front of the computer, drinking less water, and working more than eight hours a day, fatigue, or Natural processes due to aging, and other factors. Surely this eye bag is very disturbing the appearance of Mother's face. For that, do the following easy ways to reduce eye bags:

Compress eyes with ice water or ice cubes

Ice water or ice cubes can help mother to reduce eye bags. The trick is to use a clean cotton and then dip it into ice water or wrap the ice cubes and then compress it on both eyes and let stand for a few minutes. Do this routinely before bedtime, then after waking up the eyes will feel relaxed and feel cooler and the eye bags of mother is gone.

Compress with tea pulp

If you like to drink tea, do not waste the tea pulp because it can be used to remove the eye bags. The trick is to compress the tea pulp in the area around the eye, doing this for a few minutes. Tea pulp can also be stored in the refrigerator so that the cold is then just used to compress. Tea can also be used for face masks, as the tea contains antioxidants to prevent premature aging.  The trick is to soak the pulp overnight, then use it as a face mask, leave it dry and rinse thoroughly.

Mask cucumber

Cucumber is very good for removing eye bags and it is useful to improve blood circulation. The trick is the sliced cucumber then can be put in the refrigerator first or directly used to compress the eyes. Attach the cucumber slices to your eyes while you sleep. Cucumber can also be used for face masks. The trick is the mashed and puree cucumber or blender cucumber then apply on the face. A mask using this cucumber can reduce excess oil and refresh the face.

Potato masks

Potatoes can also be used to remove eye bags. The trick is to peel the potatoes and wash it clean and shredded, then the grated result is attached around the eyes with grated potatoes wrapped in a thin cloth. Leave for 15-30 minutes, then remove and remove the compression.

Bengkoang Masks

Bengkoang is able to overcome eye bags because of its nutritional content. In addition, Bengkoang also able to refresh the skin because the Bengkoang rich with vitamin B1 and C. Bengkoang Parutan can be pasted directly into the eye circumference, or by making it as a msker. Compress a Bengkoang grater or as a mask for 10-15 minutes on a regular basis.

Compress with liquid milk

Mothers can also remove eye bags using liquid milk. The way is to take cotton to taste and moisten with liquid milk, then put the cotton that has been dampened liquid milk in the area of the eye bags. Let stand for a few minutes then rinse with clean water.

Egg whites Apply

To remove eye bags with egg whites, the way is to take a brush and dip it in the egg whites, then apply on the eye bag area. Let stand for a few minutes then flush with cold water until clean.

In addition to the above way, to reduce or remove eye bags is to drink enough water and enough sleep should not be less or much sleep. Try to keep your body at a maximum at night, use a high pillow to make the head position when the sleep is slightly lifted so that it helps stop the buildup of blood flow around the eyes.

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