What is Segment com?

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What is Segment  ?

what is segment
what is segment.com

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch.

We take care of the messy analytics installation process for you, so you can spend more time using your data and less time tracking it down. Segment helps developers manage all the analytics data their apps and services generate. Besides fanning out this information to analytics services like Google Analytics and Mixpanel, or marketing tools like Marketo, all this data lands in a data warehouse.

Why Do I Need Segment?

Segment saves engineers months spent installing and maintaining analytics tools, gives marketers the agility to try new tools and test campaigns quickly, and enables BI teams to export their raw data into internal systems and - databases.

How segment Does it Work?

Analytics, marketing automation, email, user testing, error reporting, and support tools all require the same data: who are your users and what are they doing.

Without Segment, you have to instrument each tool separately, even though you send them all the same data. Segment eliminates this extra code and replaces the tool installation process.

You just send your data to us, then we translate and route it to all of your tools.
Use the Segment API to track user events like page views, clicks, and sign ups on your mobile app and website. Next switch on marketing, product, and analytics tools you want to use in Segment’s control panel. Then Segment:

Collects and stores your data in one place

Prepares and translates the data into a format each tool understands

Sends the data to your designated tools, so you never have to install tracking again
segment work
segment work

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