Step by Step Guide to Eliminating Fleas

Step by Step Guide to Eliminating Fleas - Flea infestation is a terrible thing. The most common way to start is to notice that your pet scratches more often. When examining your pet, you may see red bumps on his skin and / or reddish black debris on his fur. A red lump is your pet's allergic reaction to flea saliva and the feces are fleas (very good). The small hole in the middle of the lump is of course a stab wound from the bite.
Image - Step by Step Guide to Eliminating Fleas

The next item in the order of events is wherever your pet goes, a flea invasion will follow. Do you let your pet rest on the couch? Maybe you let him sleep in your bed? Even if you don't let your pet lie on the couch, I'm sure you left it on your carpet, right? All of these sites are very good for fleas to grow and grow. Lice eggs are small, white and oval shaped.

Pale and small larvae with feathers cover their bodies. A flea can lay eggs somewhere in the area of ​​5,000 eggs in a lifetime so you can imagine the level of growth involved. Also, flea larvae, after the cocoon and developing into adult lice can remain in the cocoon until the presence of the host (who will be you) is detected. They then emerged from the cocoon and began to feed.

It's enough with scare tactics, I hear you say. What should I do to get rid of the horrible little insects and the itching that they carry? Okay, let me start by saying this. You are already on your way because you are reading and getting knowledge about the subject. This is an absolute necessity.

I will present the steps needed to stop the infestation now but before I do it I must mention that you need to do things in the right order. There is no point in cleaning the sofa if the cat still has insects, right? The following steps are in the right order:

1. Start with your pet

Visit a veterinarian and listen to what products they think are best for your pet. There are many treatments out there that work really well, both to eliminate fleas and to stop future attacks. The important thing is not to stop treatment early. You must ensure that you not only kill adult lice but also eggs and larvae.

2. Clean the page

Try to find concentrated fleas in your garden. Do you have a dog house? Does your pet have a favorite place where he often hang out? After finding the places that need your attention the most must treat them with insecticides. Make sure you use adulticide and insect growth regulator.

3. Insert each textile into the washing machine

You must wash every part of the textile that might be affected by the parasite. This includes, but is not limited to your pet bed, your own bed, sofa cushion cover and clothes. Be sure to list everything that can be washed and can be touched. Take your time doing this so you won't miss anything.

4. Start a vacuum cleaner - every day

Sorry, I know this is boring, but if you are serious about getting rid of the source of your torment, then this is what you have to do. I suggest that you continue to do this for no less than a month. Also remember to clean the car vacuum several times. You sometimes bring your pet into the car, right?

5. Excessive

Don't make the mistake of stopping the reply steps early. Nothing is more frustrating than having to start over again. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Hopefully, following these steps will make you, your pet, and your home flea free. Good luck!

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